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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Modern quilt

This is one of those new fangled modern quilts that have become quite popular lately.  I think this is only the 2nd one that I've gotten in to quilt.  I actually enjoy quilting them, it's fun coming up with ideas that will go with them.  But, I have to admit that they aren't really my taste for something that I personally would make or own.  This one is for a boy who is graduating from high school, each colored block represents different eras of his life.  So it's really quite a well thought out gift, and something that a guy would like and could easily take to college and have on his bed. 

A fun thing about them, though, is all the open space there usually is for quilting.  Give me time....I may come around!

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  1. Although this isn't something I'd like either, it is perfect for a young man.