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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dresden Plate Quilt

A neat and interesting Dresden plate quilt brought to me by Devona.  I can't quite remember the story, she got these quilt blocks on ebay or a yard sale or something like that.  Some were a bit stained, some had been pieced quite interestingly...obviously trying to use up fabric as best as could be done, whatever the situation was for whoever constructed them.  They were actually done quite well.  Devona made them into the quilt and asked me to quilt it and make it beautiful.

I really like this Spirograph type treatment on the plates.
I wanted a secondary design to come forth in the corners as well as the plates being a focus.  I think it shows up better in person than what you can tell from these pictures. 

The grey border was lightly patterned enough that my thread was just disappearing in it.  So I did a simple straight line pattern that would show up better than something curvy like a vine, which was my initial preference until I figured out it wouldn't show up at all.  When I decided to put the X's in the center of the border design, I went back into the sashings and put an X in the center of each of them to bring that element into the body of the quilt as well so it would make more sense. 


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