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Saturday, May 4, 2013

400th Customer Quilt

I just did my 400th customer quilt....kind of. I actually have done a few more, but didn't really have my bookkeeping procedure down in the beginning like I'm doing now. There are probably about 10 - 20 charity or freebee quilts that I've done that didn't get into my totals, and even though I didn't get paid for them, I still consider them customer quilts. But on my records, I just entered #400. Another little landmark. I'm going to HMQS next week and hope to learn all kinds of new things for my longarming skills. This will be the first time I've ever taken a class, (I'm taking 8). I've learned everything I know from hard digging! I hope I'll come home thinking that it was well worth the time and money.....and not, "Darn, I already knew most of that stuff." Here's keeping my fingers crossed. I'm way, way, way behind on pictures here. Our computer completely died a couple of months ago, and because my husband and I are wimps, we decided we didn't want to deal with learning Windows 8 that is on all the new computers, so we opted to order our new one with windows 7 installed instead. Took us awhile to come to that decision, then took a month for the computer to actually arrive, and now it appears we have to get a splitter (?) to go in the back so I can actually plug in my camera to download pictures. It's never easy. Since the splitter thing hasn't happened yet, I'm still sitting with a camera full of quilt pictures. It will take me weeks to gradually work through them when I can finally get them posted on here and organized on my work orders. But I have great faith that it will eventually happen. Off I go to start working on quilt #401!

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